Notarios públicos

The notary gives certainty and security, and is a qualified legal adviser , advises and guides impartially to those concerned , suggests suitable legal tools , so with the appropriate legal act granting , can those regulating their rights and legal situations in general ; plasma in a document of his own , which signed once by appropriate allows it continuous Act , for real this grant .

In addition , and Segundo término , the notary is vested with public faith to which official documents that authorize and copies and reproductions that those issued , have full evidentiary value judgement and outside the , and consequently , content is good and valid for all those whose situation will be related to the effects made acts recorded in these documents , and in general by the community , not however have the written evidence in the same , because this is precisely the legal quality of the public faith .

Why you can trust your notary.  If you are going to buy a House , Department to do your will, or to establish your company or . Do not sign documents nor again money without consulting your notary .

Notaries Mexican