Conditions of rent

The line of business must be approved by Pavilion Missions.

- Local Deliverables -
a )WC, WC, bathroom accessories
b ) Floor , concrete
c ) Apparent block walls, color beige.
d ) 1 Water tank for water 450 Lts.
e ) Fluorescent and contacts, according to the location and size of local.

- Requirements Contract -
1.- Of (2) Escrow months of contract signing.
2.- Pay Rent by 1 each week to the local delivery.
3.- Required Surety (individual or financial solvency)
4.- There maintenance fee of outdoor areas, same that is charged based on the proportion of the size of each local.
5.- Tenant reimburses the proportion of the local insurance contracts Landlord.
6. Liability Insurance (third party damage).

* Terms and Deliverables are subject to change without notice