The municipality is located west of the State of Sonora ; Its seat is the town of Hermosillo and is located at latitude 29 ° 05 'north latitude and the meridian 110 ° 57' west of Greenwich at a height of 282 metres above sea level .

Hermosillo is the capital of the State of Sonora . Is bordered to the Northeast Carbó and San Miguel in Horcasitas ; Ures and Mazatán East ; to the East, the Colorada and Guaymas ; Northwest Pitiquito and southwest to the Gulf of California .

Its population , According to the National Institute of Informatics and statistics geography (INEGI ), is of 701,838 inhabitants . The highest is located in the Northwest of the city , Although in the past three years, there has been an expansion to the South-East .

The most important towns are : Miguel Alemán , Saint Peter the Saucito , Kino Bay , New Kino and Victoria . Hermosillo lies at the center of the State and only 270 km . the border with the United States . Has proximity with other tourist sites of the State including Alamos , San Carlos and Puerto Peñasco .

Weather in Hermosillo is Desert Springs , with cool winters . The three summer months (June , July , August ) We can reach 45 ° C , but , the rest of the year you live a spring climate . Abundant vegetation type mezquite , as the green stick , huisaches , pitch . We are the land of deer white-tailed and bighorn sheep . In addition , see more colorful sunsets of the American desert .

Easy access to Hermosillo . Has the General Ignacio Pesqueira international airport with connections throughout the Republic and abroad . If you come by land , from the South follow road four lane # 15 N ; from the North follow road four lane # 15 S . Since California San Diego crosses the border and the Tijuana-Santa Anne road , Hence the # 15 South Road .

Hermosillo in recent years has developed an important economic growth in the different productive sectors . Today is a modern city , has the infrastructure to make conventions , major local events or exhibitions , national and international . Hermosillo is characterized by its highly qualified and recognized global human capital .