7 actions for purchase

Purchase a property is a decision that requires good analysis , is to buy and sell , for your business , for your familia…siempre is an investment which we seek to achieve the best benefits . Why you share some important points which is good to take into account to be in the process of a trading operation .

the area of interest
It is important to know a little way of life that leads people or the planning of development for the area around the property of your interest , This gives you certainty about the investment that you want to perform .

the commercial real estate
Must be visually identify problems as : fallas and muros (cuarteaduras ), humedad and techos y muros , goteras and baños-cocina-lavadero , termita and carpintería o muros . Always seen and known physically property , don't carry photographs since these can be past dates and does not correspond to the current situation of the property

Legal status
Asked what the current situation of the property , "If today the payment went through what can be sold this property?" ?"Or that is necessary" (trial testamentary-divorce-commercial-embargo , payment of mortgage or other taxes , notary , (etc.) and estimated timings that the building would be available to carry out the transaction for the sale .

 Arquitectura y Construcción
The visit to the property that most interests can be performed with any engineer to help you identify more technical detail on the structure and construction model used . If the owner has architectural drawings of the building is a big help for when you want to perform some improvement .

  Question , question , question .
There is no question that can not be of purchase a property , You may not get an immediate answer but between fewer questions you have about investment you want to perform much better .

  Comparisons are good
Here if it is very important to compare the values of properties you are analyzing market , If you're not expert or these little familiar with real estate theme to get a professional to help you make the best decisions .

  Closing operation
Once you've decided where to invest , It is important to establish good terms and term carried out the sale to avoid cause misunderstandings between the parties involved . We recommend not giving advances without previously having been formally approved your proposal , considers that as a buyer you have taxes and fees that cover .