7 actions for sale

The first impression has great influence on the package leaflet or visitor in your immovable it is important to seek improve the image and repair small details that do not generate a great investment But if you cause a very good impression to the prospectus .

General cleaning

Especially in the area of baths , kitchen and laundry , eliminates odours , If you do not have time to do this you can hire a company to do so .

painting and waterproofing
A coat of paint where required , look for bright colours that create a sense of scale in interiors . Repairs stain by moisture , leaking , the leaflet will ask to submit any proposal .

Review the status of doors , Clósets , Don't let that they rechinen , desniveladas or swollen by the environment are .

lighting and electricity
Prevents that displayed or torn wires should be , la luz y crea transforms espacios search environments take al maximum la luz natural de tu inmueble , uses savers foci in case of requiring change any .

Gardens and green areas
Put some plants which give a good look in the façade but do not require much maintenance this will make it possible to give a feeling of greater habitability .

dossier property
Organize your property file : Write , Payment of property , Payment for services , Mortgage , Architectural drawings , Description of special facilities , etc . clarity to the possible operation of sale .

promotion of the commercial real estate
Ask your known by some professional that can sell your property , We recommend selections a company with years of experience and knowledge of the real estate market , It is good to sign an exclusive contract that das trust the professional to complete its work in promoting .