real estate concept

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Something added . A list or other materials that are added to a document , Letter , contractual agreement , etc .


Is the owner or possessor of a building , whose legal field is corrupted in carrying out works of public utility .


Is the legal document which accredits the boundary and demarcation .

Complementary areas

Are the areas of use such as : classroom training , dining rooms , auditoriums , active and dead file spaces , wineries , Library , area maintenance and multipurpose halls , included in the profitable real estate area

Areas of circulation

Existen Interiores y Exteriores , the Interior circulation areas are the surface required for communication between the different physical spaces on each floor of a building , including the complementary areas , so it is considered part of the profitable area .

Is the exterior surface required for external circulation , pedestrian or vehicular between different spaces or bodies contained within the polygon of the property . This surface is located outside of the built area and is not considered as part of the profitable area .

Joint use area

Is the built area of a building which provides general services to the property , as they are : the main lobby , side vestibules , Concierge area , common bathrooms , rooms cleaning , machinery rooms , security modules , substations and does not form part of profitable area .